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Friday, July 9, 2010

Today was a busy, random day!!!

Well my Friday today started off with of course nothing better than some VH1 music videos.My morning generally isn't complete until I have heard my favorite songs of late which include: Half of My Heart by John Mayer (which I absolutely cannot get enough of), King of Anything by Sara Bareilles and OMG by Usher and Will.I.Am. Well it was obviously a GREAT morning because I heard all of those songs within a 20 minute span of each other! Go VH1!!! Music videos is such a huge pastime of mine.I hope they continue with that until I'm old, crippled, and a in a wheelchair still trying to dance like Usher in the OMG music video!When I was younger I was so captivated by music videos that my father recorded 6 hours of my favorite music videos for me so that I could watch them all the time.I still have that VHS and I watch it about once a month!That sucker is going to be priceless soon!!!

So anyway...I got off topic again!I tend to do that so bear with me please!So today was my last day of work before my much anticipated and well-deserved vaycay. And of course it had to be a busy day from hell not to mention a super trying day with customers.We all know that I have my favorites and you all know who you are, but there are still quite a few that I would really love to stab with my fillet knife! =D Not mentioning any names, but I believe they're some of the EMBA people!Ha ha!I'm just throwing this out there and take it for what it's worth or just take it as Stacey bitching again..I realize that I'm in a position of customer service and that I may appear to be your "server" so to speak, but that doesn't mean that I'm on the bottom rung of the food ladder nor does it mean that you can treat me like your SLAVE!And please please don't give me attitude when I tell you that you can't just make your own salad.I have a menu and that's what it's there for. It's there for you to pick which one you want.You wouldn't go to Ruth Chris Steakhouse and tell the chef that you don't want that steak that you just want to come up with your own.No no no no!I'm the chef, you're the customer.You WILL pick one of the items off the menu, tell me what you want politely and with some respect, and I will make it for you with love and compassion and hand it over with a smile and a "Have a nice day." If not, then you're going to get the "go to hell" stare and if you're not careful I might just jump over that salad counter and show you what you can do with all your opinions!LOL!Sorry that rant is over now too!

So after my crazy busy day at work I came home and treated myself to a manicure and pedicure before my vacation getaway.Pedicure was great and they do such an amazing job at the place I go to!Always friendly, always helpful and they do an amazing job.I had fake nails put on for the very first time in my life.I know that might sound weird for a woman (that's right I said woman and not girl!Ha ha!) who's 26 years old but you should refer to my other blog posting that talks about really emerging and letting my feminine side show through.So those are definitely taking some getting used to, but it makes me feel all girly and pretty and makes the most incredible noise while typing!Ha ha!While I was there Mona, one of the ladies who works there, told me that she would give me an eyebrow wax.Well I have never ever had one of those either because I never considered my eyebrows unruly or busy or anything.I mean as females we have so much work to do: shaving, makeup, smelling good,dressing good, making sure we're in good shape, other grooming, etc...I mean it's just exhausting sometimes!Well anyway lovely Mona convinced me to do it because she said she did it so good.Well I went back into the little room and she proceeded to tweeze, wax, and shape my eyebrows.I'm not going to lie when I say that it did bring 1 tear to my eye because it hurt a little.Especially because I haven't done it EVER!

That's not me!

Well me and Mona get to talking and she asks me if I have a boyfriend. I explain that I just stopped seeing someone and that I was kind of done with dating for awhile, tired of looking and just tired of all the drama it brings.So when Mona finds out I don't have a boyfriend she says why not?You're beautiful and you have a nice body and you're so nice?Well first let me pause and thank Mona and God Bless Mona for being such a wonderful person!Not only does she wax eyebrows but she knows how to pick up your spirits too!So Mona, the wise woman that she is, proceeds to tell me that I'm such a strong girl and that I don't need a man! That he will find me one day and if he can't hang with me then just to kick him to the curb!Ha ha!This would be even funnier had you seen the venue that I was in which was a tiny room, on a massage table with my eyes closed and Mona smearing hot wax on my eyebrows giving me relationship advice in half English half Vietnamese!So not only did I get a manicure, a pedicure and an eyebrow wax, but I got some relationship advice and life advice from Mona! You certainly can't beat that!

After that whole beauty extravaganza we celebrated my Mom's birthday tonight.She'd probably kill me if I posted how old she is, but all you need to know is she's beautiful, she's youthful and that's all that matters!We went to Red Robin for dinner because surprisingly enough my Mom had never been there!Allow me to just say that the bottomless garlic fries+bottomless strawberry lemonade=BOMB-A-FREAKING-LICIOUS!!!Garlic fries definitely give you nasty funk breath afterwards, but let me tell you, it was so worth it!I wasn't going to be smooching anyone!LOL!So Mom got some great gifts!From my bro and his girlfriend Sarah: a visor, flip flops, a beach cover up and the Essential Kenny Loggins CD!From my Dad: two outfits for Hawaii and a beach bag.(My Dad has super excellent taste in clothes for my Mom!Not so much for me because he says I'm so hard to please, but he gets my style!)I get more surprised by him everyday!And last but not least I got her: 2 tickets for me and her to go see Footloose at the Arizona Broadway Theatre which includes dinner and the show and I got her a cute outfit to go to Hawaii too!

So all in all a WONDERFUL day!Last day of work and I plan on not thinking about that place one single bit while I'm gone, wonderful advice not to mention being pampered and spoiled by Mona and her lovely salon crew, and finally an amazing birthday celebration for Mama Klaff spent with my FANTASTIC FAMILY! Tomorrow's post should include some shenanigans from my very best buddy Tiffany's baby shower and I'm sure pictures will follow!

Until next time all my loyal followers...

<3 Stace <3

P.S. Let me also just throw this out there and you can send it right back if you want, but the Chipotle Ranch dressing that I sold on my Mexican Shrimp Salad this week that I personally made is the most RIDICULICIOUS (that's right a combination of ridiculous and delicious) that I have ever put in my mouth before!I'm contemplating bottling it and selling it or possibly just doing shots of it everyday at work.

P.P.S. My new slogan for dealing with men and relationships is: "That's what happens when you play with fire...Your ass is bound to get burned!!!" (That one was all for you Michelle!) And essentially just so you can get the gist of the slogan, it's referring to how men can just screw you over royally, leave you picking up the pieces of your life, leave you an emotional wreck, and they go on with their lives.Well, that's not going to work anymore fellas!This girl ain't going out without a fight!Just remember that!!! =D



  1. Stacey, Hawaii is going to make it all worth while. Don't worry about the cranksters. I've learned that a lot of MBAers are pretty snobby.

    p.s. thanks for always replacing meat with my fave - banzo beans. ;)

    Hugs and Love!

  2. Have fun in Hawaii!

    Chipotle Ranch dressing sounds delicious! Yum.