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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

I'm not a dumb girl, so don't treat me like one okay???

Being a female chef in the restaurant/food service industry can be difficult. Not to toot my own horn here, but by the time I was 23 years old I had already been the Executive Chef of two different places: a wine bar and a corporate catering company. Now it is merely only a title, but I didn't get there without putting in some incredibly hard work, sweat, tears and even a little blood! LOL! In the martial arts world I am a 5th degree Black Belt and have trained for over 18 years. So while, not many women can say that they have accomplished both of these things in their lives, I have and I'm damn proud of it!!!

With that said, anyone who knows me knows that I still look like I'm 14 years old. I still get that a lot actually. A lady at the grocery store last year asked me if I was out of school for Christmas break and I said oh no I'm not in school and she said oh your high school isn't out for Christmas break yet? Good case in point as to why looks are super deceiving!!!Let me give you a little background on my life...Just super quick so stay with me and I'll get to my eventual point! =D

Growing up I was a HUGE tomboy and I wanted to be just like my brother.I never wore the dreaded skirts or eek...tights!LOL!So I wanted to be just like him and I must admit I had a mullet and when I went swimming I wore no shirt and shorts just like my big bro!I was forbidden to wear makeup by my parents, not like I wanted to anyway!I really didn't start coming into my "feminine zone" until I graduated from high school in 2002.Then it was a full 360 in the opposite direction!Now those who know me well enough know that I have an absolute obsession for glitter and makeup and even rhinestones.To me putting on makeup is like painting a portrait.I was never very good at art, so I figure I'll just make art on my face!And as I've gotten older the number of shorts has definitely decreased only to be replaced by dresses, skirts and my new favorite fad: rompers. (By the way I have 45 dresses and counting in my closet as we speak!Ridiculous I know, but I'm embracing my new found identity with a lot of vigor, not to mention a lot of money!)

So with that background noted, let me get to the subject of my blog today: "I'm not a dumb girl, so please don't treat me like one okay???" This current statement is directed at those professional individuals who I have come across in the 2 very male-dominated atmospheres that I pursue. Example A: After going to a food show I had a chef look at me and say "You're too pretty to be a chef.You should work the makeup counter at Dillard's." Well let me tell you buddy if I wouldn't have been so professional and a respectable young lady then I definitely would've thrown down with you in the middle of the Phoenix Civic Plaza!Let me tell you!You don't know how lucky you are!Although I love to be respected as a woman, I would  much rather you measure my ability not by how I look but how good I am at what I do!And believe me Mr. Chef with a Serious Napoleonic Complex, I could probably run circles around you, and do it without breathing heavily and breaking a sweat!

Today was a perfect example of how people underestimate my abilities.Just because I'm a girl and anatomically speaking I have boobs and blonde highlights doesn't mean that I don't have a brain like Paris Hilton or Lindsay Lohan!I actually have something going on up there unlike most girls made of plastic!I will not mention any names here or rant about my job, but please just do me the favor and show me some respect!Because believe me you sorely underestimate my abilities!Just because I make delicious salads doesn't mean the my culinary degree is only in making salads.I didn't spend $30,000 on my education to just make salads!Much to common disbelief  I know how to do it all, and in fact could run the kitchen better with more organization, precision and less stress than you are.So don't come at me with attitude and please don't disrespect me because although I'm a professional I will have no problem shanking you in the side of the neck with a meat thermometer!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAAHA!I hope you all know I'm kidding about that, so please don't get scared!

So enough with my ranting for one day: Just know that I'm a girly girl down to the core and yes I like glitter, makeup, accessories, getting pedicures and shopping, but I don't mind getting dirty, and watching a UFC match or sweating like a whore in church in my martial arts classes every night!STACEY KLAFF IS HERE TO STAY AND I DEMAND SOME RESPECT!!!

~The End~

<3 Stace <3

Hope you all stayed with me on that one!!! =D


  1. Yah, I TOTALLY didn't read this one!!! Girl, I RESPECT YOU!!!! :) lol. You're amazing, talented, kind, athletic, sassy, and honest. I think you have so much to offer. Unless you’re trying to make a great first impression (job interview, first date, etc.), don’t let the opinions of others stand in your way. What they think and say about you isn’t important. What is important is how you feel about yourself. xoxxo

  2. Awww...You're so sweet!I'm just not one of those typical push-over type girls who lets peopel get away with whatever they want professionally or even in my personal life.The way I see it people need to be held accountable and responsible for their actions and I feel like that's what I was put on this earth to do! Thank you so much for the compliments though!It helps to have another equally as amazing, dedicated, kind, kick-ass, athletic, feisty and sassy sister in this with me!United we stand! LOL!Thanks for reading!LOL! <3 ya!