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Monday, July 12, 2010

The start of the vaycay...

So this morning, July 12 2010, started me waking up at the butt crack of dawn, 4 AM to start getting ready for our maiden voyage! We took the Super Shuttle to the airport for the first time which let me tell you was such a luxury!Now of course it wasn't free but it helped avoid A LOT of hassle!Usually we drive one of our cars to the airport parking and then take the shuttle to the terminal, but this time we avoided all of that which was nice!We blew right through check-in and security, even though the security lady was a real B**CH!!!I mean I know it's not a glamorous job, but don't tell me not to touch my bag!I will thrown down on you right by the X-Ray machine!My "guns" are the only weapons allowed through airport security!LOL!

So our flight was amazing!It seemed very quick.Only complaint was the complimentary meal that was provided which was a spinach fritatta.I'm kinda leery about eating eggs on an airplane.I'm sure they're fine, but just the thought of it wasn't very appealing at all.So we had to "upgrade" to a "premium" meal (which is what they're tactics are I think) and I had a Greek Salad with pita chips, hummus, and Milano cookies and my Mom had a chicken Caesar salad.The movie was The Diary of a Wimpy Kid, and although it might've been an excellent movie it didn't sound like a title for this girl!LOL!So I just stuck with my book: Pat Benatar's autobiography and I did a little sleeping.

We got into Honolulu early and as we were coming off the plane we were greeted with a lei greeting that my Dad had done for all 3 of us which was just amazing and so sweet of him to do.Of course it had my favorite flower which is a plumeria and the smell was intoxicating.If that wasn't unbelievably amazing enough: my instructor/adopted grandfather and his wife were waiting for us down at baggage claim and we all continued to get lei'd again!Haha!That made 3 times in one day for me!Haha!We got our bags very smoothly and then me, my Mom, and Mrs.O'Sullivan were off to her house, while my Dad and Professor O'Sullivan went to get the rental car.(Allow me to also say that I had NO idea that they were going to greet us at the airport and I was so surprised and it was so incredibly sweet and generous of them to do!Plus Mrs.O'Sullivan had already formulated a plan of attack!)

So we went to The O'Sullivan's house and were introduced to Hilary, who's the youngest son's girlfriend and we all hit it off right away.After the boys got home from getting the rental car (a PT Cruiser) we all packed in and went to go check into our rental.Professor and Mrs.O'Sullivan had already been to the place and put in banana's, papayas and Taro pancake mix and syrup.Our house is amazing!I can't even describe how beautiful it is!Honestly it could've been a bamboo shack fitted with a shabby thatched roof and I would've been perfectly happy!We got our bearings around here, went down to the beach and then we went to Safeway and did some grocery shopping.Had to get some essentials: tuna for tuna salad (which is an ESSENTIAL after being at the ocean all day), lunch meat, Maui potato chips, POG (which for all you non-locals is Passion-Orange-Guava juice), etc...

After bringing those groceries home we tooled around town to try to find a place to eat.We decided on Lucy's Bar and Grill.They immediately bring you out focaccia with a balsamic and oil dipping sauce.My Mom ordered opakapaka (which is a pink snapper) herb crusted with a mango salsa, pomegranate balsamic drizzle, baby bok choy and steamed jasmine rice.I had the exact same thing, but with opah (or moonfish) instead and Okinawan sweet potatoes.My Dad had a grilled Caesar salad with papaya and chicken.All in all a delicious meal and even better was that you could get 1/2 (demi) or full size portions so my Mom and I both got 1/2 portions so we didn't get too full.

Now to conclude the day we're all just relaxing, trying to get used to the time change, and just sitting back, relaxing, listening to the trade winds, and drinking some POG.All in all a FANTASTIC and already fun-filled day!Not sure what the day brings tomorrow, but I do know that our instructor Professor O'Sullivan will be taking us around tomorrow and wants us promptly there to pick him up at 8:30 AM!So until tomorrow boys and girls!

Aloha from paradise!

<3 Stace <3

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  1. thx for the update, look forward to living vicariously though you... aloha..
    eat at Sam Choys for me,