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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Nadia and Stacey Festivities...


So my friend Nadia and I get together at least once a month to do a fun spa/shopping day. Our last outing involved a Blow dry bar which I did a beauty profile on and dinner at the Biltmore. This time it was a spa day and of course some much needed retail therapy. Here's how our day went:

BLISS: The 1st stop on our incredible adventure was Bliss located at the the W Hotel in Scottsdale. First on the agenda was a Shellac manicure. For those of you who don't know about the wonderful world of Shellac I will be posting something soon about this trend that is really catching on. I had a bronze glitter Shellac manicure and then next was the 60 minute COLD FEET pedicure which is a MINT WONDERLAND for your toesies!!!!

The trip wouldn't have been compete without scoring some AWESOME Bliss beauty loot as well! The list includes:

  • "Bath to School" caddy which is a blue tote filled with a loofah, fabulous foaming body wash and fabulous foaming face wash.
  • "Fabulips" which comes complete with a foaming lip cleanser, sugar lip scrub, instant lip plumper, and softening lip balm. (Just as a side note, I'm positively addicted to all of these lip essentials especially as we get closer to cooler temps where my lips start to get chapped!)
  • Triple oxygen energizing eye gel (Such a wake-up for your eyes, especially 1st thing in the morning for crazy people like me who get up at 4:30 AM for work!)
  • Naked body butter (The best part of this "lotion" is you can layer it with any scent or even work some of your favorite perfume in there and you'll smell like it all day long!)
  • Cuticle oil

From there our travels led us to: DRUM ROLL PLEASE...Scottsdale Fashion Square. We parked at Nordstrom's and made our way through the mall to where first: none other than Stacey's 2nd favorite store: SEPHORA!!! A beauty wonderland full of sooooooo much glittery stuff that I just wanted to roll around in all of it. Here's the list of essentials and some samples from Sephora:

Here's what I bought:
  • Urban Decay glitter eyeliner in Spandex
  • Sephora brand eyeshadow in midnight hour
  • Sephora eyeliner in glitter violet
  • Makeup Forever Professional aqua liner in #8
  • Makeup Forever Professional diamond shadow in #311
Here's free samples that the ever-so gracious Nadia gave me:

  • Stila sheer tinted moisturizer in medium
  • Philosophy miraculous anti-aging moisturizer
  • Ultraflesh panthera mascara
  • Benefit "Stay Don't Stray Stay Put" primer
  • Bare Escentuals Buxom mascara
  • DDF acne control treatment
  • Phyto scalp stimulant

On a side note all of these incredible samples came in the MOST ADORABLE hat box you could ever imagine! Nadia was so kind to give them to me because she's a VIP customer of Sephora and some day really soon, at the rate I'm going, I will make that milestone as well!

Then it was off to Express because Stacey was on the hunt for the PERFECT pair of skinny jeans! I have fought the trend tooth and nail since it became popular because I'm a boot cut girl and I found that I wasn't interested in the skinny jean craze nor did I want to take part in it until I decided it was probably time for me to give in so I did! I found two pairs:

  • A pair of Rerock skinny jeans
  • A pair of Express Stella fit skinny jeans

All in all I was very impressed with how they fit and now I know they're going to look FIERCE with my new Colin Stuart grey suede zipper pumps from Victoria's Secret. Excellent service and now I'm on the skinny jean bandwagon!!!

If the day hadn't already been heavenly enough Nadia had given me a birthday gift that I had the opportunity to dive into when I got home! As if I didn't have enough beauty loot there was definitely more where that came from. Contents of this insanely cute birthday gift package were as follows:

  • Beautiful purple scarf from Ann Taylor
  • Bliss IN-SPA-RATIONAL scent
  • Sephora glitter eyeliner in teal
  • Copper nail glitter
  • Sephora lip gloss in caramel
  • Chanel eyeshadow in mirifique
  • Hard Candy glitter cream eyeshadow and eyeliner in Queenie
  • Tokidoki perfume
  • Deborah Lippmann nail polish in glitter in the air
  • Cupcake loofah
  • Blue wallet

So all in all a very relaxing, enjoyable day filled with incredible company, lots of money spent, lots of beauty loot bought, and diving into an incredibly generous birthday gift filled with AWESOME stuff! It took me an hour to sort out everything that I had and to re-arrange my bathroom to fit all of the new additions. Sunday night I felt like a kid in a candy store when I was trying to figure out where I should start and what beauty products to try out first...Then yesterday was excruciating trying to figure out what makeup color scheme I wanted to do and what glitter colors to incorporate!


Stacey and Nadia Adventures TO BE CONTINUED....

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