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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Drybar: A blow dry bar!

Almost a month ago I had the pleasure of going to my first blow dry bar! My incredibly awesome fashionista BFF Nadia and I had plans to get all dolled up and go to the Biltmore for their Hollywood Wine and Food Festival. The movie they played was Julie and Julia and a guest chef prepared a delicious meal and paired different wines with each course. It was such a fun night and made even more special by the "special treatment" at the Drybar in Scottsdale. Now allow me to elaborate about this concept...


So a blowdry bar basically focuses on just that: blowouts! You pay $35 and get your hair washed and then a blowout and then styled! It's one of those awesome innovative ideas that you really wish you would've come up with on your own, but now someone is making millions of dollars off of it! There are no cuts and no colors, but they do offer an awesome "menu" of styles and updo's!


Right now there's only one location in Arizona and that's in Scottsdale at the Scottsdale Quarter. However, there are more popping up all around California and Texas too! I think the concept is super innovative and it won't be long before it spreads like wildfire!


There's about 6 different styles you can choose from off of the "menu!" They have a Straight Up which is the signature blowout, a Mai Tai which is messy and beachy, a Southern Comfort which has lots of VA VA VOLUME, the Cosmopolitan which is loose curls, the Manhattan which is sleek and smooth, and finally a Shirley Temple for girls 10 and under.

All blowouts are $35 no matter what kind of hair you have and the wash is included. Tip is not included, but they suggest a $10 tip. Some other services are:

Hair Shots: They help repair and rejuvenate dry, weak or color-treated hair by adding a signature L’Oreal treatment to your shampoo. They're called shots  - ‘cause they’re small, but strong!

Floaters: Those are a 10-minute scalp massage during your shampoo for only $10. Let me tell you that was the best part by far! I had no idea that a head massage could be that stimulating and enjoyable until I got one! I have always loved having my hair played with but this certainly took it to the next level!

Dry on the Fly: If you don't want to come to them, they will come to you! If you don't have time to leave the house they'll come to you and it's only $75. Can I get a Mai Tai blowout to go please? How AWESOME is that? I imagine this service might help out a lot for weddings.

UpTini: Basically an updo and that is $75. Can't wait to utilize that for special occasions, and I'm sure it rocks for proms and special events.

Shirley Temple: For girls 10 and under!!! How cute is that? For $24 bucks not bad!!! I just don't want any Toddlers and Tiaras disasters on my hands! ;-)

Dry Pro: They're available for on-set styling for film or photo shoots! I'll have to remember that when I'm rich and famous and don't have time to do my own hair!!!

Drybar also offers their services to private parties and also offers a membership. This place has it all and I couldn't be happier that they do!

All in all what an experience! Not only was the ambiance AMAZING but the people were great, friendly and super easy to get along with. They also have awesome flavored waters to drink, little snacks, and they play chick flicks on flat screen TV's while you're getting your hair done! Clueless was on while we were there. I love that they keep your back to mirrors too so you can't see the final product until the very end! It's very much like a TA-DA!!!!

They even have a cute little mascot named Buttercup which is an upside down blow dryer! Doesn't get any more awesome than this! LOL!

I will definitely be back for sure not only because I loved the whole experience, but it was affordable and a fun way to spend your night getting all dolled up! It's hard for me to replicate styles at home by mysef sometimes and what should only take 30 minutes usually ends up taking me an hour. So it was really nice having someone be able to do all that hard work for you!

I owe it all to one of my best friends Nadia and I can't thank her enough for turning me onto it! I highly recommend it ladies and anytime you want to go, you have a customer in me!!!

For more info check out the website: Drybar

Until next time beauty lovers and fashionista's!!!

"Taking joy in living is a woman's best cosmetic." ~Rosalind Russell

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