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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

So tell me what's this Zija stuff all about anyway...

Many of you may have seen that lately I've been posting A  LOT about Zija. I've probably asked you if you'd be interested in taking any of the products and joining a healthy revolution with me. I've gotten some pretty good feedback from some, and blown off my most people. I've run an emotional roller coaster of happiness, anger, and complete frustration in the promotion of this product. You could say I pretty much dove head first into this opportunity to become a Zija Independent Distributor. I felt so strongly about the products that I just dove right in. With any venture where you're trying to promote something to others it can be very difficult. Let's start with a little background first...

I've always been searching for the perfect workout products. Being a chef and working early hours and being on my feet for at least 10-12 hours a day I'm always seeking out the perfect miracle energy product. And working out every day during the week whether it's teaching my martial arts classes or working out on my own, doing Zumba or at the boxing gym, I NEEDED something for energy. When I was the Executive Chef at a corporate catering company I definitely went the bad route: Monsters, Red Bulls, coffee, etc... Last year I really started focusing on juicing thinking maybe I could get all of my energy from natural ingredients and nutrients from foods. To get added protein I was drinking Muscle Milk, early in the morning I would drink V8 Energy Fusions, after workouts I'd replenish with chocolate milk. But I always felt like something was missing and I was just wishing for more energy during the day or more hours during the day to get everything done.

So needless to say when I was approached with this Zija opportunity I was very hesitant because I really didn't think the "miracle product" had been found. Before I ordered the products I did my research though. I became as educated as I possibly could about moringa, its health benefits, and about the company Zija itself. The coolest thing I came into contact with was that I have a lot of friends all over the world due to the environment where I work and A LOT of  my Indian friends reached out to me and told me they cook with moringa on a daily basis and it's something that they integrate into their everyday lives. So that made me hopeful.

Distributing Zija has been frustrating for sure, I'm not going to lie. The best part about the company is the INCREDIBLE support system. I'm inundated with people to help me, who give me feedback, personal testimonials, texts daily, inspirational posts, phone calls with mentors and top people in the business. Right now I'm just dedicated to educating people about Zija and the health benefits of moringa and continuing to take the products on an everyday basis and promoting my own healthy lifestyle. I can only hope that people will take notice and take the plunge with me. Here's some facts and info about Zija products...

Here's a YouTube documentary about moringa:

Moringa Documentary

Presentation about moringa health benefits:

Moringa Health Benefits

Here's the Zija website to find out more info about moringa and Zija products:


And here's some pictures showcasing the health benefits of moringa:


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