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Tuesday, September 6, 2011


A common question asked by many fashion magazines to avid female readers is WHAT IS YOUR ESSENTIAL BEAUTY ITEM and WHAT IS ONE ITEM YOU CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT??? Everyone seems to have a different answer, but mine is most definitely mascara. For some reason the concept of having luscious, long eyelashes with lots of volume is so sexy to me and incredibly feminine! I think you can tell a lot about a woman by gazing into her eyes, and if long, lustrous eyelashes help add to that "female mystique" then I'm game!!! Just take a look at one of my favorite Hollywood beauties:

I find myself on the quest for the PERFECT mascara sometimes and I feel like sometimes a lot of them fall short of what they're advertising. So I discovered on my own that if you can't find just one that helps fulfill then why not buy a whole bunch? Carrie Underwood has said that she likes to layer her mascara's and that's exactly what I do! When I can't find just one that I like, I get a couple of them and just layer them on. Here are some that I'm using right now...

#1: Lancome Hypnose Doll Eyes Mascara... According to Sephora this mascara is supposed to lift, extend, and pump up the volume to doll-like proportions!!! I did like the brush and I am happy with how it looked, but I feel like for the price that I would've seen better results and been able to use it solely and not had to rely on other mascaras to layer over it!

Sephora: Lancome Hypnose Doll Lashes    Price: $25

#2: Bare Escentuals Buxom Lash Mascara...An intensely volumizing mascara for bigger, fuller lashes. I love the brush on this mascara and I feel like I did get a lot of volume in my lashes, but not as much as I wanted. Definitely like this brand though and if I had to just one alone I think this one would be it!

Bare Escentuals Buxom Mascara   Price: $19

#3: Ultraflesh Panthera Mascara...A jet-black, lash-building and lengthening mascara. I got this particular mascara as a sample from Sephora and I absolutely love the brush on this one too. Looking at their website I found that the full-size tube comes with a top in the shape of a fierce panther head, which I would've loved to have, but I did enjoy the sample so much that I'm probably going to buy a full tube. I like using it with the Buxom mascara because it really helps give my lashes some length and didn't leave them feeling caky at all.

Ultraflesh Panthera Mascara    Price: $26

#4: Maybelline Volume Express Falsies...This helps you flare out your lashes and allows you to wing them out. This is usually the mascara that I put on as a base and really helps start my eyelashes out with some volume. This is kind of my go-to default staple mascara if I have nothing else. It's one of my favorites, but I feel like I have to pair it with at least one more mascara to really give me the added volume that I'm looking for. It's a great value though and you can have a couple of these for just one of the mascaras mentioned above. Definitely one to keep in your beauty repertoire!

Maybelline Volume Express Falsies    Price: $8

So those are the mascaras that I have in my makeup bag as we speak! I'm always looking for the newest and most cutting edge mascara because it's my beauty essential. Most of the ones that I have are from Sephora but you can find the Maybelline at any local drug store. I'm always looking for feedback too so if you loyal readers out there have any great finds that you're willing to share please let me know! Hope this gave you a fun beauty perspective for the day!

Here's to fun times playing around with mascara!

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