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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Corporate politics!

There are those of us out there in this world who love that 9 to 5 job, sitting behind a desk all day, taking orders from superiors younger than us, running to get coffee for all the Executives, waking up and doing it all the next day.Then there are others of us who try to break that mold and aren't working robots.Well I have come to the conclusion that I definitely fit into the last category.

I've recently become exposed to what I like to call "corporate politics" or what really should be called "corporate bullshit!" LOL! The current position that I'm at now is the first "corporation" that I've ever worked for. Before I've worked for independently owned restaurants or catering companies, but now I've come to the big bad world of CORPORATIONS.Now maybe some people enjoy fitting into that little cookie cutter type world and it doesn't bother them to take orders from someone who's never spent a day in a kitchen, but I have to say that it's become abundantly clear to me that I'm not one of those people.

For being the 12th biggest corporation in the world to work for you sure treat your employees like crap. There is ZERO incentive for going above and beyond and giving 110% everyday because you're going to get treated the same as that lowly dishwasher making 8 bucks an hour.ATTENTION Mr. Overweight Corporate @$$HOLE: I'm a chef and a professional and I went to culinary school so the fact that all of my tongs need to be facing the same way and need to match is completely irrelevant to the quality of the food that I'm putting out.

How does the color of my chef coat or the fact that I put out decorations on my station affect the quality of the food I'm producing?If you would take a survey among all the students at Thunderbird who eat my salads in the Commons not only will you get positive feedback on the amount of personal interaction they get and good customer service, but you will find that the reason they keep coming back is because the food is fresh and DELICIOUS.So if you want to keep limiting my creative ability and take away all the "personal touches" that I offer to these students then you can better forget me even giving the utmost in customer service.

Why should I do that?Why should I bust my ass and go above and beyond anymore if I'm just a number, if I'm just a salad making robot?There is absolutely no incentive for working hard other than a paycheck every two weeks that shows how severely underpaid you really are.Have you ever noticed that people in positions of power and authority or management are generally overweight?You wanna know why?Because they sit on their asses all day.I challenge you Mr. Corporate Big Shot to work one day in my shoes, right beside me from start to finish and see what happens.

You will see that there is constant work throughout the day, prepping like a mad woman, serving a ridiculous amount of customers in a calm and efficient way and coming back the next day and starting the same vicious cycle all over again.But, no it's easier to talk about how my tongs need to match and all my containers need to be metal and how my menu, or what you called "signage" needs to be on a specific kind of card stock with the same font.What you're gradually turning us into is working robots and what's going to end up happening is we're just going to malfunction one day and you're going to lose one of the best robots you've ever had buddy!

You're getting paid millions of dollars to walk into our Commons and tell us our tongs aren't facing the right way?How about you applaud your employees for doing a marvelous job?How about you commend me for doing an outstanding job everyday and for really taking a leadership role and bringing so much creativity to the table and running such a successful and beneficial station at the Commons?Nope, you're too worried about decorations and making sure there are no "personal touches" around there.

Well congrats Mr. Big Shot, you're gonna get exactly what you want.Two can play that game!And when customers start complaining about how come Stacey doesn't have any decorations anymore or how come Stacey couldn't bring candy canes in for us at Christmas or how come Stacey doesn't come up with her own salads anymore, then my answer to you will be well I'm just doing what you told me Mr. Boss Man, just following the rules that you set out for me.I'm trying to be as cookie cutter for you as possible.But I doubt that will last very long because sadly I don't want to work for a place that doesn't encourage creativity and doesn't allow you to be an individual.

So if you're not careful, you're going to lose something great, but you know what?It'll be your loss because I have bigger and better things to look forward to in my career.It's just sad that decorations and tong positioning could end an extremely great thing!Better make me an offer I can't refuse fast or this "rule breaker" will be outta there faster than you can say "ratatouille!"

End of rant again!Just tired of people not recognizing hard work and dedication and trying to eliminate creative ability.Hopefully this was entertaining to read!I'm thinking about printing it out and reading it at the next meeting and letting some fireworks fly! =D

Until next time my avid readers!!!

<3 Stace <3

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  1. Wow! That sucks Stacey! I know, I was going to say something about your tongs not facing the right way. That's been annoying me for a while now. LOL!
    That's all so stupid. You're completely right! I found your personal touches at your station very attractive and inviting (mostly the candy). Hang in there! There are so many of us who appreciate you and LOVE your creations!!

  2. Thank you so much Julie!It's just what is sad is that the only people that do appreciate me are the customers.I know that you guys do and I do all of that stuff for all of you!It's just ashame that managment can't see a good thing right when it's staring 'em in the face!I'm gonna hang in there!Comments like this help me get through the day!Thank you!And why didn't you help a sister out and let her know that her tongs weren't all facing the right way?LOL!

  3. I think I'm gonna write that anonymous comment and put it in the box in the Commons. I'll tell them how great you are and how deliciouso your salads are. I don't get anything else there anymore at lunchtime except those (when I don't bring my lunch). But that's how management is. They don't see any of what goes on in the "real world". They just sit there and try to think of something to screw with. We're in the same boat where we are too.
    But yeah, I guess next time I see something like those unsightly, wrong facing tongs, I'll have to mention it. OMG! Like anyone even looks at them!!! Sheesh! Sorry, the whole thing's just crazy!

  4. I'm just going to be staring at your tongs nonstop when I see you tomorrow!

    but seriously, I like Julie's idea; I'm going to write a comment and let them know what I think of your station and all the work you do!

  5. You're a total babe. Talent, humor, mad chopping skills. You've got it all. :) You know I ALWAYS drop your name when humanly possible to all the "big wigs". We girls here in Exec. Ed always rave about you and how much we love you. :) Get your recognition for hard work from US for the time being....And when the times comes for me to visit you in your 5 Star joint in Hawaii, I'll be proud of you and more than happy to make the trip!! :)

  6. Love it, love it all. You are meant for more... keep along this path, all those who eat the food you make is getting alot more than just fresh veggies, they are getting real nourishment :)